Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue…


A Better Way to Treat Pain and Fatigue

When a person lives with chronic pain and fatigue, the last thing they want to hear is that they should be treating it by natural means.

What should be emphasized is that there is no need to stop taking prescribed medications in order to benefit from using natural treatments.There are many effective natural treatments that can be used without fear of drug interaction. Continue reading Fibromyalgia Pain and Fatigue…

Fibromyalgia Flare-ups! or Autoimmune Disease?


When I have a painful flare-up I have to wonder “Is it a rheumatoid arthritis flare-up or is it a fibromyalgia flare-up? What I usually do, after I record this flare-up in my journal, is treat it as if it were a  fibromyalgia flare-up.

One thing to keep in mind when experiencing an increase in pain symptoms is that most all autoimmune diseases will react to the same natural supplements, sleep requirements, dietary changes and exercise treatments as fibromyalgia. Continue reading Fibromyalgia Flare-ups! or Autoimmune Disease?

Fibromyalgia and Memory Problems


Memory Muddles

  Today I was once again reminded of just how much a handicap this memory problem really is. We live in an area well known for tourism… especially in the summer time. There is everything here: mountain climbing, bike trails, water skiing, white water rafting, loads of historical sights and we are just twenty minutes from a 5-star resort hotel and 45 minutes from 2 resort/ski lodges. We have a little business that was handed down from my father in law…many of our customers are third generation customers. So naturally, they appreciate knowing that you know them and their family. Today, in making small talk with a customer, I really goofed up.  I realized after he was gone that I must have sounded like I was really out of it …calling a longtime friend by his father’s name and his son by his name. This may sound like a small thing, but there are times I feel I should have a sign behind me saying “Please excuse my brain, I haven’t cleaned the cobwebs out today”. I leave all kinds of memory markers around where I may need them, but if caught off-guard…especially during a flare-up, who knows what will come out of my mouth.

I know it has something to do with this monstrous flare-up I have been dealing with for about the past week. This was obviously triggered by an afternoon of putting in our garden 5 days ago. I hurt so badly afterward that even a shower and eating dinner did not help. I took the anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that usually snap me out of a flare up before it gets bad, but nothing helped the way it usually does.

I suppose it could have something to do with seasonal allergies. Anything that affects your body adversely is very apt to aggravate fibromyalgia symptoms.

I have not personally made a note of the moon cycles in my journal, but some people swear that the wafting and waning of the full moon actually effects their symptoms…hmmm…the full moon was 2 days ago…maybe there could be something to that after all.

It is true though that anything that affects your health will affect your fibromyalgia symptoms. If you have any health problems that can be helped by diet or changes in your activities, try to do all you can to reduce their impact on your health because this will inevitably affect your fibromyalgia symptoms also.

Have a Great Summer! And take care to pace your activities!

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