Candida Diet?

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Does Your Candida Continue to Return?

If Candida is a chronic problem for you, as it often is with most people who have any kind of autoimmune dysfunction, then you have probably tried to follow the Candida diet at one time or another…just to have the problem to repeat itself again and again. Continue reading Candida Diet?



 The Most Effective Treatment for Candida

Candida can be associated with many chronic illnesses for several reasons. Candida albicans infestation can be a result of bad diet, prescribed medications, or illness. Continue reading FIBROMYALGIA, CANDIDA, YEAST INFECTION

Help for the Immune System

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How can I help my dysfunctional immune system?

 I know we discussed this before, but there still seems to be a confusion amongst some readers, so I have added some helpful details that may help you as you decide on a plan of action that works for you.

First, we need to understand that the immune system is not the enemy. If your immune system is attacking your own body, it just means it has its signals mixed up…at best, it needs fixed. Continue reading Help for the Immune System

Fibromyalgia Memory Problems

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tips to help you get through the worst of these “fuzzy” days more safely.

One of the most annoying problems we face with Fibromyalgia is definitely memory problems. There are many other problems that we deal with on a daily basis, but messing with our memory is definitely annoying. Unfortunately, the more pronounced our fibromyalgia symptoms are at the time, the worse our memory problems will be. Continue reading Fibromyalgia Memory Problems

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