Types of Fibromyalgia Pain


“You look like a normal healthy person, but sometimes you feel like you should be in a full body cast. “

There are different types and intensities of pain that are associated with fibromyalgia. There are three types that have been documented and have assigned names, then there are others that have no name, per say, but you will recognize them.


This type of pain is felt when your body overreacts to any pain signals. This is not only very painful, but also very annoying. As you go throughout your day, your body is going to get bumped and banged about, but this is barely noticeable….unless you have fibromyalgia.

As a “for instance”, I have broken my toes four different times in my life (affliction of a person who loves to walk barefoot around the house) but with fibromyalgia, just a simple “bump” can oftentimes hurt as much as the real thing. I do not like feeling like I broke my toe when all I did was bump it. It is so annoying when your body makes you feel an excessive reaction to pain…but that is what it is like to live with fibromyalgia.


This is another annoying type of pain ( all needless pain is annoying). This  pain turns even pleasurable feelings into pain.

There are several variations of Allodynia. One is the “Bruised all over feeling”; you are fine as long as no one touches you.

It is annoying when you want to cuddle your two-year old toddler, but the bruised feelings are so intense that it hurts to do so ….someone pats you on the back and you have to stifle a painful reaction, someone, in hopes of making you feel better, “gently” massages your shoulders and you wince in pain.

Another form of Allodynia is the “Sunburned” feeling. You feel like you have an extremely bad sunburn and it hurts for your clothes to touch you…when you lie on your back in bed, you have to make a little “tent” over your feet because it hurts your toes to have the sheets touch them. But again, this pain is only felt when you are touched.

another type feels like your skin is being “Pinched” all over all your body at the same time. This makes you feel very irritable…just as you would feel, I guess, if someone were pinching you. This is only on the skin surface….it is not a deep pain like the bruised pain, and it occurs without being stimulated by touch.

Dr. Teitelbaum says that increased Sensitivity to Light, Sound and Smell are also linked to Allodynia.  He says “We have an enormous amount of sensory input coming in, and it takes energy to sort through all of this to separate the noise from the static. Fibromyalgia predominantly represents an energy crisis, and as the body has trouble sorting through the signal from the noise, it reflects as increased sensitivities.”

Now, of course, this is all going on while you also have traveling pain that appears in various intensities, at various times, in any place over your body. These pains are usually always with you, but not noticed so much until they put you out of commission for a few hours or days. There is nothing so frustrating as being ready to go to a movie with the family when suddenly your leg hurts so badly that you cannot put any weight on it. It can be so intense as to feel like you have a broken leg.  Frustrating for you and everyone else.

This pain may only last for an hour or it may choose to hang around for several days. This type of painful flare-up can appear anywhere… arms, legs,  back, feet etc.

There are so many things that could probably be added to this list, but these are the most common.

Be sure to talk to your doctor before deciding that what you may be experiencing  is truly from fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia symptoms can mimic the symptoms of more serious illnesses.

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