Holidays and Fibromyalgia


Well, it’s that time of the year again! The time of holiday cheer; when friends and families get together over the holidays.

I wish you a happy holiday season and encourage you to be patient with yourself so you can enjoy this time of festivities, tradition and family fun!

cherry pie

Sometimes we can get so busy preparing for the festivities ahead that we don’t realize we are overextending ourselves. I don’t know if you would find this helpful, but I have found that when I am feeling caught up in the season and start making big plans for dinners, deserts, decorating etc. I must sit down and make lists. Yes, I know we all get tired of list-making, but it really does help to get things into perspective. I usually find that it helps greatly to divide my list into thirds.

I place those things that are of the highest priority in the first box of choices and so on down through the next two choice boxes. If I were to actually succeed in achieving all of these things, it would not only be great, but it would also be unusual for me…but one can always hope…right?

horn-plentyI also take the time to look at the notes that I made to myself from the year before. It helps to set aside a little section in your fibro-journal (or a journal just for holidays only) that reminds you what you feel was a waste of your energy, and what choices you made that really made the holidays easier and more meaningful for you. The reason being that if I happen to have memory problems caused by being extra busy, I could end up doing something I decided to not repeat or forgetting to do something that I thought would be a good thing to remember.

You can also refer back to the blog I posted in November of 2015 for holiday hints.

Have A Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!           leaf