Fibromyalgia: Avoiding Springtime Flare-ups

 Spring Fever

Don’t let “spring fever” do you in


Spring is here once again; inspiring domestic thoughts of repair to our homes and gardens. This is strongly evidenced in home improvement centers, as they are once again bustling with activity as people rush to get started making necessary repairs and improvements on their homes and gardens.


For those of us who have fibromyalgia, spring too often starts with grand plans, but by the time we just get good and started, we experience a flare-up.

The next weekend we try again and are met with the same results…another flare-up. Finally, worn and in pain, we realize, once again, that we should have taken better care of ourselves and prepared for spring in an organized way. So now, as we recover, our yet unplanted flowers are blooming into a stunted state while still sitting in their seedling pots.

By the time we finally get our stunted flowers planted, it is into summertime and when they finally start looking really nice, the season is over.

Whenever we try to work outside the limits of our capabilities, it is easy to become frustrated and then we become inclined to give up.

Planning ahead, setting priorities and pacing ourselves “has” to carry over into all aspects of our lives if we wish to achieve those things that are important to us.

Keep in mind that it takes less time to rest “before you are tired” than to recover “after you are tired”.

Tools for Planning Ahead        timer

Timer: In our eagerness to get a project done, we may not realize we need to take a rest until we have gone too far. This is why it is a good idea to set a timer that you can  reset for the length of time that you think you can continue on a project before needing a rest period (keeping in mind the type of exertion required for each project). The timer can be carried in your pocket, pinned to your jacket; whatever you find most convenient.


Resting: Make sure that you have a chair, stool, bench or something on which to sit while you take a break.


Hydration: Keeping yourself hydrated is very important especially on warmer days. If you have your drink there with you, you will be more apt to do this than if you have to make a special trip into the kitchen for a drink.

                                                                   straw hat

Protection from the sun: This may be in the form of a sunscreen or a hat to keep the sun from boiling down upon your head.


Insect control: Rather than use those toxic chemicals called “insect repellants” (the insects are smart enough to stay away from the stuff) you could try a natural approach. After your morning shower, before you towel dry, oil yourself down with coconut oil. I have had great success with this and I am the person everyone likes to have along because insects will leave them alone to come dine on me…just make sure you do not miss a spot or they (insects) will find it.

*If you do get a bite on unprotected skin, coconut oil plus aloe gel will help with that also.


Gardening Help

I found a wonderful site provided by Thrive, a national charity that helps people with a disability to start or continue gardening.

This website has practical information on how to make gardening easier. It is full of useful hints and tips and details of the equipment and tools which could be particularly helpful.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, they even invite you to contact them for further help.

Be prepared and have a great spring!